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Shaolin Lohan School of Kung Fu (少林羅漢功夫学院)

What Can I Expect to Achieve?

The Shaolin Lohan School of Kung Fu is a "Self-Development" school.  You will learn Discipline, Honor, Integrity, Respect, Self-Control, Perseverance, Perception and Loyalty.  How do we achieve these things?  By learning Shaolin's understanding of Strength, Tenacity, Fearlessness, Poise, Balance, Grace, Speed, Power, Suppleness, Deception, Rhythmic Endurance and "Riding the Winds".  Even these are side-effects to the process of "Developing the Mind through the Discipline of the Body".  All of these things are the priority with Shaolin Lohan Pai.

What Will Those Principles Do For Me?

There are many different ways that the skills and principles of Shaolin Lohan Pai have done for people.  You can see examples of how this system has enhanced other people's lives at the Main School Site's "Testimonial" area.  Click Here


Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius)                                 Da'Mo (Bohidarhma)

The "Martial Art" of Shaolin Lohan Pai:

The Shaolin Lohan School of Kung Fu has a multitude of Kung Fu styles within its curriculum.  The basic foundation is Five (5) Animals and Thirty (30) Weapons Systems.  Within those systems are all of the aspects of combative principles.  To see a detailed description of this curriculum... go to the Main School Site's "Art" area.  Click Here

 Hard Style -vs.- Soft Style Kung Fu


Chiang Chuan      Tai Chi Chuan


Hard style martial arts have been described by the book "Martial Arts - A complete Illustrated History" by Michael Finn (a Linear Master) states that as an example "Shantung Black Tiger" is a HARD style from northern China! We want to explain the difference between "hard" and "soft" styles but we prefer to use a Linear Master's description. Therefore, here is a quote from that book: "Soft and hard styles are the outward manifestations of training principles. The easiest way to understand the division between the two is to contrast the use of a bow and a spear. The archer nocks the arrow to the bowstring, which yields to the arrow as it is pulled back. Then that energy is released and returned to the arrow so that it penetrates its target. This can be equated with soft styles. On the other hand, the man with the spear runs into battle holding the spear close to his body and as he runs the point penetrates its target. The power of the thrust is initiated from his own strength, there is no yielding and returning: it is a hard technique."


The Shaolin Lohan School of Kung Fu focuses on both Hard and Soft techniques.  Sigung Cabais believes that they are one and the same in combat.  They should be used together to maximize the outcome.  Therefore... that is what we do!


Ballanced Combat

How Do I Become A Member?

All petitioners of the Shaolin Lohan School of Kung Fu must first make an application and then must be "screened" (interviewed) to be accepted.  The approval rate is only around twenty-five percent (25%) of all applicants.  We are looking for the right type of people to become students of this system with the proper intentions.  More Information


There are four (4) types of students in this system.  They are "Pupils", "Disciples", "Senior Disciples" and "Apprentices".  The higher the classification... the more benefit you receive.  However, the higher the classification... the greater the work and expectation from SiGung Cabais.


We don't charge for testing, and a uniform is not required unless you have been part of the school for more than a month.  All you'll need in the beginning is clothing suitable to work out in, and some athletic or tennis shoes.  As a student, you have access to the training hall anytime it's open if you wish to come in for some extra practice and assistance (for no additional fees), with the exception of those times that there are private classes going on.  You will be able to buy a uniform through us at a discount after you pass your first test, as well as weapons once you start learning them.


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