Saint Louis, MO USA Chapter

Shaolin Lohan School of Kung Fu (少林羅漢功夫学院)

Chief Instructor

SiGung Vincent Akoni Cabais

Nearly all of the classes at this location are taught or supervised directly by SiGung (Grand Master) Vincent A. Cabais, 33rd generation, 32nd degree, Shaolin Lohan Pai (少林羅漢派).  You will not find a better instructor anywhere who can teach this rare system.

"International Instructor of the Year" 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 & 1999 Sole lineage holder to the Ancient Oriental Martial Art of "Shaolin Lohan Pai" Kung Fu.

Apprenticed in 1978 under the late SiGung Ronald Siu Chiang, 32nd generation, 33rd degree, Shaolin Lohan Pai in the state of Hawaii.

Sifu (Teacher) Cabais, as he likes to be referred to by his students, has come to the Continental United States to promote and spread the teachings of Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu to a very select number of students in each area. He screens (interviews) every candidate that requests entrance into the system.

Since SiGung Cabais is the sole person with the responsibility to pass-on this lineage; he has recently made himself more available to the public with his thirty-five plus years of experience.

SiGung Cabais believes that this system is neither "hard" nor "soft" both areas are one and the same and cannot be separated in this system since we utilize both at the same as it would detract from efficiency.

Property of SiGung Kong Weinu

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