Saint Louis, MO USA Chapter

Shaolin Lohan School of Kung Fu (少林羅漢功夫学院)


Quotes I come from a loving home, never had many problems in high school, and honestly don't have a lot to complain about. My life thus far has been happy and privileged. With that said, I have often felt like something was missing. I've always been searching for something, never knowing what that something was. Something to push my energy past this point of near constant stagnation that I had become all too familiar with. If I'm not somehow challenging my understandings and perceptions (pushing my mind) then it's easy for me to fall into wells of depression. I'm constantly trying to take mental and spiritual steps forward. This may be the reason why I've always been attracted to martial arts. It's always been more then just the kicking, punching, and fancy acrobatics that draw me to it. It's the extreme dedication and discipline that traditional martial arts are synonymous with. Quotes
T. Ross Hyman
SiHing, Shaolin Lohan Pai

Quotes I knew from the first moment that I joined the "Shaolin Lohan School of Kung Fu" that it was for me. This path to enlightenment that we are on, I consider a life long journey. Although my progress isn?t quite what I want it to be, I can still feel some of the benefits of this art. It has already given me more balance and stability in my mind. I am anticipating the knowledge still to come and I?m hoping to better understand it. Quotes
Zach Young